CS Trading, LLC delivers and sales all across the USA. Easily delivered to you wherever you are for all your turf equipment needs or professional grounds maintenance support. Email us at sales@csturfproducts.com.

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SMARTUltraGroomer Cassette

With over 80 1.3mm tungsten carbide tipped blades spaced at only 5mm apart, this SmartUltraGroomer cassette ensures greens turf is…


SISIS Supaturfman

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][styledbox type="general_shaded"][vc_column_inner width="1/1"][vc_column_text]Helping to keep grass in a healthy condition. Powered, vertical-action aerator. C.S. Trading offers FREE DEMOS for…


ATT TMSystem™

[styledbox type="general_shaded"] Whether the objective is organic matter reduction, grain control, soil gas/air exchange, green speed manipulation or top-dressing integration,…


SMARTCut Cassette – Turf Cutting

The TM SmartCut - Turf Cutting Cassette is designed for both Tees and Greens and offers unrivalled versatility and ease…

ATT - Advanced Turf Technology


Whatever the objective is, ATT’s Turf Management System™ has the appropriate SMART cassette to meet the needs of the modern day turf maintenance professional.

Grassmats turf Logo


GRASSMATS have been supplied to provide multipurpose and safety surfacing outdoor mats to restaurants, playgrounds, schools, churches, city parks septs, hotels and tourist attractions. Then there are indoor uses, such as, behind the bar mats, providing a heavy duty anti slip or non-slip surface. If you have an troublesome area, whether indoors or out, where you feel GRASSMATS may offer a solution.

SISIS turf logo


Whether at grass roots level or a high profile stadium your turfs appearance is everyone’s first impression and team SISIS are here to help you achieve the best surface possible.

De Oil It turf products Logo
De Grease It turf products


The next generation degreaser/degrader that cleans fuel and oil spills better than any other product sold today. Non Toxic and Biodegradable.

Dennis turf Logo



As a leading British manufacturer of innovative professional grounds maintenance equipment, Dennis helps groundsmen, greenkeepers and gardeners the world over to create their ultimate natural turf surface.

Inox turf products Logo

INOX & LANOX Lubricants

The right industrial lubricant can drastically improve the function and extend the life of your equipment. It is one of the mostly widely and enthusiastically recommended line of grease lubricants for most applications, including use as a marine lubricant.

Dynablade turf Logo



QUALITY.  All dynaBLADES meet our highest standards of quality control. “As a result of quality and quality alone, Wood Bay has grown to be the largest producer of tungsten carbide tipped turf verti-cut blades in the world.

Bunker Blaster turf products logo



At 300 gallons of water per minute, the BunkerBLASTER will clear an average sand trap in 8-10 minutes with the innovative “One Operator Technology.” Water can be redirected 70-90 ft. horizontally with BLASTER’s powerful engine and pump technology.


You only have to take a glance at the products to see you’re making a great investment. If you can’t find an answer via the documentation or website, the we will provides fast, reliable support, completely FREE as we care as much about your products as you. We are online via Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/cstradingllc.


 North & South AMERICA

CS Trading, LLC delivers and sales all across the USA. Easily delivered to you wherever you are for all your turf equipment needs or professional grounds maintenance support. Email us at sales@csturfproducts.com.

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Built with you in mind, all turf equipment is made of high quality and incorporates the best practices for professional grounds maintenance. Works great with accessories such as the dynaBlades to the De-Oil-It lubricants, which will boost your organic results within each use.


CS Turf Products delivers and sales across the USA. Easily delivered to you wherever you are for your professional turf equipment and turf product needs.

What People Say About CS Trading, LLC

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how pleased we are with the Bermuda sod you and your crew installed for us at the Southern Connector Toll Road. It has grown in beautifully and merged with the existing grass so there is no apparent seam between the new and old grass. Many thanks again for the nice work you folks did for us. Our lawn looks great!" —Peter C. Femia, Executive Vice President/GM
"I am writing today to let you know how impressed I am with the SISIS VEEMO MKV vertical mower. As you know we just recently finished verti-cutting all of our fairways with the VEEMO, and as I operated it. I began to think about what an excellent piece of equipment it really is. . ." —The Walker Course at Clemson University